• Cultural Free Zone

    Villa K a home for a international interdisciplinary group of artist living and working together.
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  • Dinner Café

    Every two weeks & Vegetarian :) Read about the dinner cafe and when the next one is!.
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  • Concerts & Performances

    Different Artist & Performers show there work Sounds-capes, Installations, Art, Music and much more...
  • The Artist

    Introduction to the different future and past artist of Stichting Centrum
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About Stichting Centrum

Stichting Centrum is founded in 2009 by students of the Royal Academy of Art KABK in The Hague. Its goal is to realise affordable living- working and presentation spaces for artists, musicians and other creatives in The Hague. Initially located in the former ‘Horeca Centrum’ in Laakkwartier The Hague, the foundation moved its base to ‘Villa K’, former ambassy of the Democratic Republic of Congo in Scheveningen, where all activities are being organised up untill today.

Stichting Centrum has organised more than 100 various public cultural events and activities like exhibitions, performance events, festivals, Scheveningen Artroute, clothing swaps, end exam exhibitions of the academy of art, different workshops and educational activities and meditation evenings.

Villa K is a space for creativity, experimentation and interaction. It has been a stage for an interesting fusion of students and alumni of both Conservatory and Academy of The Hague from different disciplines and departments, together with professional working artists from all over the world. In Villa K there is space to experiment. Compositions or performances in development, first prototypes of instruments but also finalised works and end exam projects find a common stage.

In Villa K creative people from all over the world have presented their works, amongst others people from Germany, France, Denmark, Estonia, Lithuania, Latvia, Belgium, Japan, Austria, Poland, Slowakia, Spain, Peru, US, Russia, Portugal, Iran, Iceland, Korea, Palestina, Israël, Luxembourg, Serbia, UK, Mexico and many more.

Since 2017 Stichting Centrum is focussing more on the combination of educational and performative events. This is the starting point of the ‘Villa Flip-Series’, of which the first edition started in the end of 2017 with the financial support of the municipality of The hague. Its focus was ‘DIY electronics and instruments’. The second edition will happen in the Months of April, may and June 2018 and will be oriented towards ‘Sound and Space’.

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