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Villa Koncerts Yader, Flowers/Ghosts & Echoes
Wednesday, 20. February 2019, 20:00 - 23:30

Join us tonight with these two exciting collaborations by YADER (touring Bear Bones, Lay Low from Venezuela & Jooklo Duo from Italy) and local Flowers/Ghosts & Echoes !

┆YADER┆ve/it [ bear bones, lay low / jooklo duo ]
"Spaced out jumbles from three cyclonic backstreet hypno-freaks" is one apt way to describe the music of Yader - the improv electronica outfit comprised of Ernesto González (Bear Bones, Lay Low) and David Vanzan & Virginia Genta (Jooklo Duo). This trio just released a cassette on the Bear Town Records imprint containing music for meditation or the act of mapping the inside of a pyramid. It's the stuff for purposes beyond explanations.

/////// Flowers/Ghosts & Echoes is an audio-visual project that explores the physical and digital, controllable and out of control… something contemplative and yet overbearing, simple but complicated… fascinated with things beautiful but also things beautiful yet hidden in unexpected places. Consisting of improvising electric guitar duo Flowers/Ghosts and the live visuals of Echoes.
Flowers/Ghosts explore the unrepeatable and difficult to control aspects of the electric guitar, in sounds that arise unexpectedly from the complexity of the guitar’s electronic circuitry, to big layerings of sounds, to microtonal clashing chords. Creating unrepeatable instant compositions that move between ambient, jazzy, bluesy, noisy... This works in conjunction with Echoes, the performative visual project of Felix Bodin, using his self-designed visual instrument. Consisting of projections reverberated through the performance space with the use of a malleable mirrored surface which spreads, distorts or focuses digitally generated patterns into unique and dazzling light and projection shows. Sometimes delicate and beautifully serene, other times erratic, unpredictable and exciting.


Villa K
Violenweg 2, Den Haag

Location Violenweg 2, The Hague
Entrance: Donations for the musicians

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