Donia, Iranian, born in Brussels, is a sound explorer. She developed artistic expression at the Fine Arts Academy of Brussels. Her sensitivity and attraction for sound and music were the reason to learn and practice audio technics, at SAE institute. After her study, she worked as technician for live performances, recordings, musical projects... Using technics as a tool for recording and reproduction more than as a creation process. But her desire was to use technics as a way to interact with sounds and senses, to express feelings, play with perception. And to use electronic and acoustic sound creation in relation with physical proprieties and material manipulations.
She did some workshops in different interactive media techniques at the research center of new media (CECN) in Belgium. To develop her composition technics, she took a class of electro-acoustic composition at ArtZoyd studios in Valenciennes, France. Currenly she is studying Sonology at the Royal Conservatory of The Hague.