Dutch artist, currently just finished studying at the Art Science department at the Kabk in The Hague. "I never like to talk about myself but I rather like to speak trough my art so I'll keep this short. Let me introduce myself my name is Arjen Zuidgeest. The first time I came in contact with this strange world was on the 5th of march in the year 1979.
Why do I create Art ? And what is art and what's not for that matter. I just do the things I do because I do and doing so I create things, if these things are to be called art? I don't know so I leave that to you to decide. In this world if you want to be free in creating things without a reason or probable cause, you are defined as an Artist, at least that my humble opinion. OK, I call it Art myself but that only because I wouldn't know another good definition for it."


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